Basilica Gomes

Company Name: Student at Symbiosis

Creativity must never be curbed, that being said one must be mindful of ones work. Advertisement is probably the only art form that reaches people without their consent and therefore it is a powerful tool that must be handled responsibly. The ASCI E-Learning course simplifies the rules and regulations for advertising and is explained by Industry experts so one is guaranteed to learn a great deal. Examples of cases handles by ASCI makes it easy to understand and thus enables the learner to gain an in-depth working knowledge.

Dr. Suryakanth Acharya

The online training enabled me a deeper understanding & now i am able to mention the exact code which was violated in a misleading advertisement rather than giving a general complaint to ASCI. Interested people should take this online training.

Mr. Paritosh Joshi

Company Name: Provocateur Advisory
Designation: Principal

“Advertising is best served when the consumer is best served. And the consumer is best served when advertising is Honest, Fair, Decent and within Legal boundaries. Lack of knowledge about these central features of the ASCI Code can (and often does) result in irresponsible advertising that contravenes these essential restraints. The E-Learning program brings the Code and a wealth of expertise and anecdotal knowledge that has grown around it right to the Advertising professional's desktop. Moreover, it enables professionals to appreciate that these restraints far from throttling can actually spur creativity.”

Beverley Noronha

Company Name: ASCI
Designation: Senior Executive

"The online training has help me as a student to understand how responsible advertising can essentially build brands. I would like to recommend that all Students & media professionals should enroll for the E-Learning initiative by ASCI to be able to save Money, Time and efforts. This course has modules that have been explained with examples of case studies, which are interesting as well as easy to comprehend."

Prof. S.K.Palekar

Company Name: S.P.Jain Institute
Designation: Management Educationist

"Good education is Prescriptive,Preventive, Predicitive. The ASCI course help advertisers in all these three aspects and create right advertising in the first place."

Nagesh Alai

Company Name: FCB Ulka
Designation: Chairman

"ASCI's E-LEARNING portal is a must-do practical primer for practitioners of advertising and clients. Having a thorough understanding of the ASCI Code and Guidelines and advertising related laws governing brand advertisements, in letter and spirit, will help avoid reputation and money loss to the brand/advertiser in the event of complaints being upheld and ads recalled. It's a great initiative for the uninitiated"

Companies Enrolled

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