When enrolling for ASCI Learning – Online Training Course, the participant agrees to accept the following general Terms and Conditions as set out by ASCI for the Certification of the course:

  1. Issue of Certificate / Availability of Certificate –
    1. Participant may be a Member of ASCI / Student / or any other interested individual.
    2. Participant should have successfully enrolled for this online training course.
    3. Participant should have finished all formalities regarding payment of course fees. The participant must pay the full certification fee, no refunds allowed.
    4. The certificate will be given only during the period of validity of the course.
    5. The participant can acquire the certificate only after successful completion of all module tests.
    6. After passing all tests, the program will produce a digital, printable version of the certificate as an acknowledgment of completion of the course, for the participant.
  2. The cost paid for a single e-learning course entitles one participant to take one certificate, as per the registered name.
  3. Automated Assessment – The grade provided in the certificate is in accordance with the average of the score received by the participant in their individual module tests, which is calculated through an automated system.
  4. The use of any aids besides the certification software is forbidden during the certification tests.
  5. Scope – After a successful certification of the course completed, the participant has the right to use the ASCI E-Learning Certificate at various platforms they wish to produce the certificate of completion at.
  6. Reassessment and Renewal – Reassessment of the grades is not possible. If the participant fails in any module test, he/she can redo the test until they pass them. Incase of expiry of the course before certification, participant can opt for renewal by starting the registration process afresh.
  7. Validity – This certificate is valid for an infinite period. Incase of loss / damage of the certificate within the validity period of the training, the certificate can be procured again by the participant. Post this time, the certificate can be procured by contacting The Advertising Standards Council of India.
  8. Copyright / intellectual property rights –The copyright in and all other intellectual property rights relating to the course documentation, and any other training materials provided to the course participants, are solely owned by and hereby reserved to The Advertising Standards Council of India. Under no circumstances may the whole or any part of the course documentation or the certification be produced or copied in any form or by any means or translated into another language without the prior written permission of The Advertising Standards Council of India. Offenders are liable for payment of damages.
  9. Privacy – The Advertising Standards Council of India protects the confidentiality of your personal information. It will not disclose your identity to any third party. The information provided is solely used for ASCI E-Learning Registration purposes.