Frequently Asked Questions

As individual registration we have a direct enrollment system. Price for Individuals is Rs. 1180/- per head.

For Group Registration, Please contact ASCI on 1-800-22-2724/+91-22-24955076 or Email to

ASCI has set up an online training program to ensure those who are responsible for the creation and dissemination of advertising and communication are acutely aware of the guidelines and by participating in the program, will have a better understanding.

ASCI strongly feels that that such a learning program will help make personnel working with advertisers, media agencies or the media pro-actively learn and appreciate the dos and don’ts of advertising. ASCI aims to make people associated with the advertising fraternity more self-aware, in turn helping avoid costly exercises of modifying or pulling down ads which don’t adhere to its guidelines.

On passing the assessment at the end of this learning program, each participant will be issued an online certificate signed by the ASCI Secretary General. This certificate will serve as a gold standard for professionals associated with the advertising industry and will distinguish them from other creative professionals in having been guided on the right way to create and disseminate Ads. This certification is useful for all advertising, marketing or communication personnel.

ASCI E-Learning course duration is six months from the registration.