ASCI Category Guidelines


This Course begins with a module outlinging guidelines to ensure that advertisements for prohibited or restricted products do not circumvent such restrictions, by purporting to be ads for non-prohibited or unrestricted products.

The next module deals with guidelines to ensure that Food and Beverages advertisements fulfil their intended roles and Advertisers adopt strict principles of self-regulation to not mislead the general public in any manner detrimental to their well-being.

The subsequent module dwells on guidelines to ensure that educational institutions and programs do not mislead people by making false claims related to value of program, institute, offers, etc.

The final module explains the guidelines to ensure that automotive vehicle advertisements influence people’s behavior positively by promoting safe practices like wearing of helmets, fastening of seatbelts, not using mobile phones when driving, etc.


It just takes approx. 4 & hours at a stretch to be an ASCI E-Learning Graduate!

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